I’m in the press!

So the Mail On Sunday were kind enough to feature some of my psychology research in their paper! They haven’t reported the findings in detail (well, they are a tabloid) but it’s nice to be recognised. The study looked at whether there was a link between the number of affectionate text messages sent to you […]

Sleep tips

So many of us can have difficulty sleeping. But how do I help myself fall asleep? What can I do to stop myself waking up in the night? What can I do to avoid disrupted sleep? Here are some tips that are widely recognised as the best ‘sleep hygiene tips’ by doctors, psychologists and therapists, […]

Different Therapy Types

There are so many different types of therapies, but what do they each do? Here I’ve written a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of the different kinds of therapies on offer, what the different therapies treat, how they work and what to expect from each therapy.  If I’ve missed one, then let me know and […]