My new channel… Happii Stories

I’m about to embark on a new project… Happii Life Stories.

Happii Life Stories is a YouTube channel (here) of real people, telling their stories, or the bits that we think are most interesting. You might have seen people do this elsewhere on the web, but because it will be me interviewing them, the interview will be from a psychological angle… what makes them tick? what got them through the hard bits of their life? who made them react the way they do? why do they continue to struggle with some aspects of their life but excel in others?

I was inspired by my job. When I work with clients, I always start with an assessment period, where I ask lots of questions in order to understand the person and their history. This is, quite often, the most fascinating part of my job and, honestly, the biggest privilege. I will hear things that they have told no-one, secrets which they haven’t admitted or even realised until they speak with me. And the story is always, no matter who they are, sensational.

I wanted to convey a small percentage of what I experience because every single one of you will be interested. Of course, the people I interview know it’s going to be made public, so they can choose to hold back on things they don’t want to share, but equally, there’s something about telling your story, with no-one else to argue or get in your way, that lends itself to revelation and sometimes quite profound insights.

My aim is three-fold:

  1. I’m trying to normalise everyone’s life struggles and difficult times, help others undertand that they’re not alone
  2. I want to celebrate how wonderful people are, how resilient, how strong yet fragile and special they are
  3. Turn their stories into art, show the public the beauty of an individual, of their life, of their honesty

I’ve already got about 20 wonderful, beautiful, interesting people lined up to let me into their lives, I’ve got the video kit and the editors on stand-by, now all I need is to do them all proud and make these interviews as fascinating as the subjects.

However. There may be some of you that might be worried that YouTube isn’t the place for revealing personal details so I want to reassure you:

  • I won’t be interviewing anyone experiencing current mental health difficulties
  • At any point, they can stop the videoing or ask me to remove it once it’s made public or prevent me from putting it up in the first place. This is their story and they get to choose if it’s shown or not
  • I’m not making any money out of this, from ads or payment from them
  • If, telling their story, they become upset then I’ll always ask whether they want to stop
  • If they are upset and want to continue, once the interview is over I’ll spend time with them until they feel calm again and of course, if they want extra support as a result of the interview then I’ll help them access it

My hope however, is that the interview can help every interviewee understand a little bit more about themselves as a person, and in doing so, approach future difficulties with a renewed sense of their strengths and resilience.

You can watch the channel here, although there may not be content uploaded until October 2018.

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