“It was like being buried alive”: battle to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome

This article I found in The Guardian provides a real insight into what it can be like to experience chronic fatigue syndrome or ME.

It looks at a new way of looking at the disorders,  because we are finding,  more and more, that the brain and the body do not work separately, they are interlinked and one can affect the other.

Specifically, in CFS or ME, it is thought that the part of our brain which interprets our energy levels is out of sync. “It’s overestimating how fatigued you are, the fatigue that normally protects us from pushing ourselves too far might instead become a prison”.

The article talks about a new treatment for CFS or ME is now being considered called GET or Graded Exercise Therapy,  where patients are gradually exposed to very small amounts of exercise to build up their strength and energy levels.

Click here to read the original article.

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